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The StewardShip wine club is’s exclusive subscription service, providing members with a curated selection of premium wines delivered directly to their door. The club offers a unique and personalized experience, allowing members to explore a diverse range of wines while enjoying exclusive benefits and exceptional customer service.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the StewardShip Wine Club, exploring its membership benefits, wine selection, customer service, and overall value. Our goal is to provide you with an insightful and objective analysis to help you determine if this wine club is the perfect fit for your tastes and preferences. Wine Club Membership Benefits


The StewardShip Wine Club offers a straightforward and flexible membership structure. For an annual fee of $59, members receive a wide range of benefits, including free standard shipping on all orders, access to exclusive wines and limited releases, and customizable subscription options.


One of the most significant advantages of the StewardShip Wine Club membership is the free standard shipping on all orders. This benefit allows members to order as often as they like without worrying about additional shipping costs, making it easier to explore new wines and reorder favorites.

For those who need their wine delivered more quickly, the StewardShip Wine Club also offers expedited shipping options at discounted rates. This ensures that you always have access to your favorite wines when you need them, no matter the occasion.

Exclusive Wine Selection

Members of the StewardShip club enjoy priority access to exclusive wines and limited releases, ensuring they have the opportunity to taste and purchase rare and highly sought-after wines before they sell out.

Customizable Subscription Options

Frequency of Shipments: The StewardShip wine club offers flexibility in terms of shipment frequency. Members can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly deliveries, allowing them to tailor their subscription to their personal preferences and consumption habits.

Personalized Wine Selection: Members also have the ability to customize their wine selection based on their taste preferences, favorite regions, and desired price range. This ensures that each shipment is tailored to the individual member’s unique tastes and interests.

Wine Selection and Quality

Variety of Wines Offered

The StewardShip wine club sources its wines from a diverse range of regions, including well-established wine-producing countries like France, Italy, and the United States, as well as emerging regions like New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. This allows members to explore the wide world of wine and discover new favorites from different regions.

Popular Wine Types and Styles

The club offers a broad selection of wine types and styles, including reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, ensuring that there is something to suit every palate. Members can expect to receive a well-rounded assortment of classic varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir, as well as lesser-known gems and unique blends.

Winery Partnerships and Sourcing

The StewardShip program is dedicated to providing its members with high-quality wines. To achieve this, the club has established partnerships with both renowned and boutique wineries worldwide. This ensures that the wines picked by review staff in each shipment are carefully selected for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and distinct character.

Wine Ratings and Expert Reviews

Many of the wines featured in the StewardShip Wine Club have received high ratings and accolades from industry experts and publications. Members can trust that the wines they receive have been vetted for their quality and value, ensuring a consistently enjoyable tasting experience.

Wine Education and Tasting Notes

Each wine in the StewardShip Wine Club shipments comes with a detailed description, providing information about the wine’s origin, the winemaking process, and key flavor characteristics. This enables members to learn more about each wine and deepen their appreciation for the nuances that make each bottle unique.

Food Pairing Suggestions

To further enhance the wine-tasting experience, the club provides food pairing suggestions for each wine, guiding members on how to create harmonious and delicious combinations. These recommendations can help members discover new culinary pairings and elevate their at-home dining experiences.

Top Selections

  1. Quintessa 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon: Quintessa’s 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful example of a Napa Valley wine, with a rich and complex character. This vintage showcases a harmonious blend of ripe black fruit, such as blackberries and black currants, along with notes of cedar, tobacco, and hints of chocolate. The wine is full-bodied, with velvety tannins and a long, elegant finish. It is perfect for cellaring and will continue to develop and evolve over the next decade or two.

  2. Opus One 2019: The Opus One 2019 is a highly regarded Bordeaux-style blend from Napa Valley, combining the best of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec grapes. This vintage boasts a bouquet of black cherries, cassis, and violets, with undertones of tobacco, cedar, and graphite. Its full-bodied palate features a refined structure, silky tannins, and a lingering finish, making it a wine that will age gracefully for years to come.

  3. Chateau Petrus 2018: Chateau Petrus 2018 is a highly sought-after Pomerol wine from Bordeaux, known for its exceptional quality and limited production. This vintage is composed predominantly of Merlot, resulting in a wine with a lush, velvety texture and deep, concentrated flavors. On the nose, there are enticing aromas of ripe plums, blackberries, and truffles, while on the palate, it offers a perfect balance of fruit, acidity, and tannins. This wine has the potential to age beautifully for several decades.

  4. Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1996: The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1996 is a legendary Bordeaux First Growth from the Pauillac appellation, featuring a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. This vintage is known for its remarkable aging potential, having already reached more than 25 years of age. The wine exhibits a complex bouquet of blackcurrant, cedar, graphite, and cigar box, with a structured, full-bodied palate, marked by fine-grained tannins and a long, sophisticated finish. It is a wine that continues to evolve and will reward patient collectors for years to come.

Customer Service and Support

The StewardShip Wine Club offers personalized wine recommendations and guidance for members who need assistance in selecting wines or refining their preferences. This expert advice ensures that members can confidently explore new wines and expand their palates. prides itself on its responsive and knowledgeable customer support team, which is available to assist StewardShip Wine Club members with any questions or concerns they may have. Whether it’s about wine selection, shipping, or account management, members can expect prompt and courteous service.’s website and mobile app are user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for StewardShip Wine Club members to manage their subscriptions, browse available wines, and place orders. The platform also offers helpful search filters, enabling members to find the perfect wine quickly and efficiently.

Competitor Wine Clubs

The StewardShip Wine Club stands out from other wine clubs in several ways, including its extensive wine selection, customizable subscription options, and a strong focus on customer service. Additionally, the club’s free shipping benefit and exclusive access to limited releases set it apart from many competitors.

While the StewardShip Wine Club’s annual fee of $59 is comparable to other wine clubs, its free shipping benefit can result in significant savings for members who order frequently. Furthermore, the club’s flexible and customizable subscription options make it an attractive choice for wine enthusiasts who value personalization and choice.

The StewardShip cost includes free shipping on all website orders, access to exclusive wines and limited releases, and customizable subscription options. These features, combined with the club’s commitment to quality and customer service, make it an appealing option for wine lovers seeking a personalized and premium wine club experience.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

StewardShip Wine Club members rave about the quality and diversity of the wines they receive, as well as the exceptional customer service they experience. Members appreciate the personalized wine club selections, which have helped them discover new favorites and expand their wine knowledge. The convenience of free shipping and the ability to customize shipment frequency has also been noted as standout features of the club.

Industry experts have praised the StewardShip Wine Club for its commitment to quality, extensive wine selection, and focus on customer satisfaction. The club has been recognized for offering a high level of personalization and value, making it a top choice for both casual wine drinkers and seasoned connoisseurs.


The StewardShip wine club provides an exceptional wine club experience, offering a diverse and high-quality selection of wines, customizable subscription options, and outstanding customer service. With free shipping on all orders and access to exclusive wines and limited releases, the club offers significant value and convenience to its members.

This club is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts looking to explore new wines and enjoy a personalized and premium wine club experience. With its extensive wine selection, customizable options, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the StewardShip Wine Club is a toast-worthy choice for any wine lover. StewardShip Wine Club

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